SYNOPSIS SILENCES is a story about an unconventional emotional and sexual relationship between a 14 year old boy and a 27 year old priest.   It explores the dynamics that go into the making of any relationship, and in particular, questions … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

MAY 27, 1995

SYNOPSIS MAY 27, 1995 is an 8 character 90 minute play composed of four scenes, each a reflection of how gay men are constantly coming out – or not. The action moves back and forth between the four scenes. All … [CLICK TO READ MORE]


SYNOPSIS VOLUNTEER MAN is an exploration on the right of a patient with an incurable illness to choose to end his life. It is also a meditation on the “rightness” of the decision another person makes to aid in the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]


SYNOPSIS THE TIMEKEEPERS is a dramatic tale of transcendence in the midst of a world gone mad. 1793 (Benjamin), an introverted  Jewish prisoner,  stays alive by fixing watches taken from Sachsenhausen’s inmates; he keeps himself alive by using his horologist’s skills. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]