SILENCES is a story about an unconventional emotional and sexual relationship between a 14 year old boy and a 27 year old priest.   It explores the dynamics that go into the making of any relationship, and in particular, questions whether or not there could/should  be such a thing as “love” between the two main characters.  Though set in the 50’s and 60’s, it is a story which continues to be told, even on the front pages of today’s newspapers.


Bobby Cunningham, 13-14 years old
Father Tom Halligan, 27 year old, newly ordained priest
Francis Cooney, 13-14 years old, Bobby’s best friend
Father McGowan, Father Tom’s pastor and boss
Mrs. Cunningham, Bobby’s mother
Mrs. Madden, the priests’ housekeeper (played by the same actor playing Mrs. Cunningham
Mary Elizabeth Cunningham, Bobby’s older sister
Woman in the confessional (played by the same actor playing Mary Elizabeth.

The play should flow like a movie.  There shouldn’t be any breaks in the action.


The stage is bare except for a table upstage center than contains props and costumes, a church pew stage left and a wooden table and three wooden chairs. The actors stay on stage throughout the play. When they are not in a scene, they sit in the pew and watch the action.

Time: 1956 – 1961

Place: Brooklyn, New York


SILENCES has had two workshop productions at the Mosaic Theatre in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and at the Directors Company in NYC.

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