Poster Boys


Will and Ned have been in a relationship for 10 years, but decided not to marry during the time same-sex couples were allowed to wed under California law.They felt,“If something isn’t broken, why fix it?” Now two friends are trying to convince them to be the plaintiffs who will challenge Proposition 8 in court. Although they feel it’s important to defeat the proposition, they also wonder how a “legal, state-sanctioned marriage” might impact their own definition of the word“commitment.”This play challenges the common understanding of marriage and commitment.

Proposition 8 had its first staged reading on Feb 11 at Lynn University’s Wold Performing Arts Center.



Ned Harris, plastic surgeon in his mid 40’s; Will’s partner
Will Bennett, artist, in his mid 40’s
Jeffrey, school teacher, in his mid 30’s, Telly’s partner
Telly, landscape designer, late 30’s
Morgan, artist’s model, early 20’s
Cassandra, lawyer, in her 50’s

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