Book and Lyrics, Dan Clancy; Music, Lynn Portas


Oops! The Tooth Fairy is a an original children’s musical with 11 songs and six scenes.

The first scene tells the story of how Penelope, a nice but klutzy young girl, became the Tooth Fairy.  (Song, “Too Many Teeth”).

In Scene 2, she meets Andy who just won’t smile.  Penelope and friends remember a magic word and Andy smiles.  (Songs: “Click Click, Look at the Birdie,” and “S-M-I-L-E”).

In Scene 3, Penelope visits Nicole who is afraid because she swallowed a baby tooth.  Penelope calms her down by singing her  “Penelope’s Calypso.”

Scene 4 opens with Three Old Dogs singing about the good old days (Song: “The Old Dog Days), and wishing they could do the things they did when they had teeth.  Penelope suggests they just focus on what they can do (Song: “Just Do What You Do”).

In Scene 5, Mom is sad because her daughter’s cat has died (Song: “I Wish I Could Make You Smile”).  Penelope and her friends tell her it’s OK to be sad.  (Song: “It’s OK To Cry”).

The Tooth Monster appears in Scene 6, with his son Junior.  Junior tells us why he doesn’t want to become a monster like his dad (Song: “Junior’s Rap”).  The Tooth Monster tries to capture Penelope and her friends, but they use the tooth brush to drive him away…and Junior says he wants to become a dentist!  His dad protests, but finally gives in and the scene ends with the entire cast singing  “We All Have the Magic.”

The cast can consist of 6 to 20 actors, depending on the needs of the theatre company.  
The entire six scenes run about 80 minutes; scenes can be omitted depending on the needs of the theatre company, without ruining the story line.



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