MAY 27, 1995


MAY 27, 1995 is an 8 character 90 minute play composed of four scenes, each a reflection of how gay men are constantly coming out – or not. The action moves back and forth between the four scenes. All the action takes place on the evening of May 27, 1995.

In the first scene we are at a wedding in Leonardstown, Maryland. The D.J. has just invited all couples to join the bride and groom for their first dance. A male couple in their late 60’s, sitting alone at a round table for 10, decide if they can/should/must join in the dance.

In a jazz club in Providence, RI, two men, both on active duty in the Air Force, meet and try to talk and connect without “telling.”

The third scene takes place in a male stripper/dancer bar in Ft. Lauderdale called Dudes, where a recently divorced – and recently out – man in his 50’s meets a 25 year old hustler/dancer.

Crawfordsville, Indiana is the setting for the fourth story. A gay couple must navigate being the first out gay couple at their high school prom, and question their agreeing to not dance in exchange for being allowed to attend as a couple.


Jim – in his 60’s
Tom – in his 60’s
Richard – thirty-seven years old William – thirty-two years old Bob – late 50’s
Dallas – mid to late 20’s
Sean – 18 years old
Ken – 18 years old

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